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A Story of Self Love

Meet Kate

I created One Love Bath after facing The full term pregnancy loss of my daughter in spring 2020. 


Originally a hobby to keep my struggling mind busy , this business quickly turned into a passion I knew I had to share.

Baths have always been a safe space for me. Somewhere I could go to be alone and relax. As someone who has suffered for years with physical and mental health issues; including stillbirth and C-PTSD; I understand what it's like to struggle to love yourself. The idea behind One Love Bath is to really take care of your own mind, body and soul while helping others along the journey.


Every formula was handcrafted and researched endlessly by me in hopes to bring herbal medicine back into our modern lives. Each combination of scent , color and plant; blend together to create a holistic and medicinal cleanse.


I am passionate about our planet and wanted to ensure we as a company leave the smallest eco foot print possible. That being said, every part of our product has been made and packaged with the most Canadian eco friendly initiatives possible. 


Don't forget to take care of each other and to love yourself.

One love

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